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About Me

I'm a husband and a proud father of 3 beautiful children. I was born and raised in Mexico but lived in this country for over 20 years now. I work in the Information Technology field. I have over 25 years of experience working as a technologist in different roles. I'm also Certified Nutritionist Therapist. Learning about nutrition and vitamin C is my other passion. I run a blog to share my knowledge and our family experiences called I've also done a lot of research on vaccines. I've read many books and scientific studies before my wife and I decided not to vaccinate. I understand the importance of medical freedom. We live in a world where our "lead" scientists make us feel we have no control over our health. Instead, they give that power to the government or drug companies. We have control over our health. We have an immune system. I look forward to connect with like minded people and make a difference.

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