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Portland Oregon

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Pro God, Pro Constitution, Pro President Trump, Pro Medical Freedom, Anti Vaccine, AWAKE, Married

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About Me

I work hard to provide for my family I love God and this great place I live America. I will stand and fight for my freedom against anyone who tries to take it from me. I’m proud to be an American I fly the American flag, Trump flag, and the Thin Blue Flag our side my home with pride. I don’t follow every law I’m not perfect but I back the men and women in law enforcement and I will cover their 6 anytime I see that they need help. If that means putting my life in danger. I don’t stand for anyone who try’s to impose on my freedoms my constitutions my medical decisions for something to be put in my body. I will not be silenced because someone doesn’t agree with who I voted for the flag in my yard not agreeing to the lock downs or telling me I have to have a mask or take a vaccination. I have a big heart and will help anyone without a motive of wanting anything back just because I love people. The only thing I ask in life don’t try to change me take my freedom or rights hurt my family or friends because that’s when I become the enemy and fight for this great place I love America