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Harris County, TX, Kingwood

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Pro God, Pro Prayer, Pro Constitution, Pro Republican, Pro President Trump, Pro Medical Freedom, Anti GMO, Pro Alt Medicine, Pro Organic & Natural, Libertarian, Medical Freedom Patriot, Married

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About Me

Wife/ Mother/ Grandmother… feeling better in my 50s than I felt in my 30s because stopped listening to the conventional doctors that prescribed a pill for every ill and started following integrative/ functional medicine practitioners that helped me figure out the root cause of autoimmune disorders. I'm so happy I have found a diet and lifestyle plan that comes from God… our Greatest Physician! When filling out "Me At-A-Glance I didn't mark QAnon or AWAKE because need to learn more. And I wish there was a Pro "Informed Consent" or Pro "Stop Mandatory" Vaccines because at this time I'm not sure if I'm anti vaccine. I'm sorry to say I followed the doctors advice and vaccinated my children without asking any questions. I have shared links to summits and articles with my daughter and have asked her not to follow today's recommended vaccination schedule which is a lot more vaccines than she got as a child. I know she is vaccinating her girls but not sure which ones or the schedule. I pray God gives all of us the knowledge and strength needed to make the right choices when it comes to caring for our bodies (temples of the Holy Spirit) and this beautiful world He has created. God Bless!!! I plan to encourage my daughter and others to join Medical Freedom Patriots and take advantage of the courses which I'm hoping to find time to do sooner rather than later. 🙂