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Strafford County NH

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Pro God, Pro Prayer, Pro President Trump, Pro Medical Freedom, Anti GMO, Pro Alt Medicine, Pro Organic & Natural, Medical Freedom Patriot, Married

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About Me

CHRIST IS KING I am all for medical choice freedom. I am due to be married!!! 🥳🥰 We have 4 kids and My family is happy and HEALTHY as a non-GMO wild apple. G, O MOM! I am huge into holistic and have a natural cure for anything put my mind to. I pretty much have my ownnurse'ss office in the home. I have one child with autism I have no other form of social media. I have an amazingly supportive spouse who battles for his daughter (my extra gift from Godstepdaughterr")We LIVE for the mountains (hiking camping boating painting digging forging carpentry gardening, indoor plant 🍃 enthusiasm love angel plants I swear they don't die Lol. We have a habit of adopting rescued angelfish(kids and hubby made me a bench for our anniversary )..anything outdoors we will do or are willing to learn.