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Pro God, Pro Prayer, Pro Constitution, Pro President Trump, Pro Medical Freedom, Anti Vaccine, Anti GMO, Pro Alt Medicine, Pro Organic & Natural, AWAKE, Medical Freedom Patriot, Single

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About Me

Over the years, my Loved ones have suffered vaccine injury and spent many years trying to detox and recover…. some to this day…. it is an ongoing event. I have become aware of the reality that it is most probable that many of my health issues were caused by early childhood vaccines and a strong faith in tetanus shots (which I now regret). I have dug deep into the reality of virology and the propagation of lies to keep an industry alive that should have fallen on its face 100 years ago with the inventions of suppressed microscopes that prove that virus theory was completely erroneous. I do not currently live in the states. But, it is imperative that we all facilitate a real education as to the harm of vaccines. I would say there are pros and cons. But there are no pros. Injecting toxins is the downfall of modern civilization. Right up there with the inundation of chemicals in food, water, and air, and the obscene levels of radiation that now encompass the globe. In the profile I checked off that I am Pro-Trump. It has been my nature to favor neither party for at least the last 20 years, having realized that presidents are generally a puppet that has little choice but to do what he is told by the people that put him there. But, we need every advantage here. Democrats will surely put us in the wrong direction on this issue. In fact, mandatory bills will undoubtedly become law, though fervently constitutionally contested. A Republican president and a strong republican house and senate is going to be required to keep a lot of people from injury and death from mandatory vaccines and whatever other medical procedures they will dream up thereafter. I am here to help in any way that I can. Graphics, Video editing, copy editing, and any other way of helping pull people together and provide education. Let’s see what we can accomplish . Love & Light, Gar