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Pro God, Pro Prayer, Pro Constitution, Pro Republican, Pro President Trump, Pro Medical Freedom, Anti Vaccine, Anti GMO, Pro Alt Medicine, Pro Organic & Natural, QAnon, AWAKE, Medical Freedom Patriot, Married

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About Me

I am VERY passionate about holistic health and healing. My first experience that lead me down the medical path of truth was in 1990 when my mom and I joined NUSkin and discovered the importance of reading labels. Then in 1991 my parents found the Juiceman and the whole family learned about detoxing and healing the body. I stepped foot in my first health food store in 1992 and discovered the great natural Healers like Bernard Jenson and Dr Witaker. Dr Shulze came into my life in 1997 and its been a journey of amazing and sometimes shocking discovery. In the mid 2000s my path led me down an incredible discovery about energy and how vital it is to have a positive and hopeful mindset. And how our minds will heal our bodies and everything goes hand in hand with all the supplements and organic living that we try so hard to live by. I am a mother and grandmother to 3 awesome adult children who I did my very best to raise them to carry my torch onward to do their own healing and growing in their lifetimes. As many of you know, we cant save everybody. Including family and friends who we dearly love. WE TRY! It is my very strong belief and an essence of my very soul that we must protect medical freedom and choice to govern OUR minds and bodies the way WE decide is best. Above all, there is nothing more important if we dont have this God given right. Without a healthy mind and healthy body in this lifetime, how can we accomplish anything? Money, career, relationships….without our freedom. Im sorry, but we'll have nothing.:-(