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Prior to COVID-19, I had anticipated that within one to two years elected Republicans would come under intense pressure to go along with vaccine mandates after several more Democrat held states had lost vaccine exemptions this year. At that time I decided we would need to put a huge amount of effort into educating the REPUBLICAN VOTING BASE about why we oppose vaccine mandates (and all medical mandates) so that they would SUPPORT thier elected Republicans to continue to defend our medical freedom. Then COVID-19 hit, and everything just got amplified worse by a factor of 100, I am sure.

If the elected Republicans capitulate to the pressure, we have lost the war and will be force vaccinated. All of us. There will be mandatory testing, mandatory tracking, mandatory vaccination, and many other controls. We must stop this.

In my opinion then, we must focus huge amounts of time and energy into educating the Republican voting base as to why medical freedom is an essential Republican value so that they will SUPPORT their elected Republican officials who are standing for medical freedom. To get to that conclusion, the Republican voting base must be given the truth about vaccines: that they are a fraud. Vaccines never saved us from disease, do not prevent disease, do not prevent death, fail all the time (blamed on the unvaccinated), cause ongoing chronic health ailments, cause injury, and cause death, all the while the vaccine industry is not liable for any destruction of life it causes. This is all thoroughly explained in my course, The Vaccine Free Parenting Masterclass, available to paying members in this online community.

By joining this community and getting fully engaged, you can learn the truth, share what you learned, and invite others to do exactly the same. Repeat, and grow our Medical Freedom Patriot Community!

We have precious little time, so let’s get going!

The Medical Freedom Patriots Community is primarily for those who identify as Pro God, Pro Prayer, Pro Constitution (Esp 1st and 2nd Amendments), Pro Republican, Pro Trump, Pro Medical Freedom, Anti Vaccine, Pro Alternative Medicine, Anti GMO, Pro Organic & Natural, and Qanon friendly. Internationals are welcome if they have similar value systems. Democrats are welcome provided their focus is on changing the corruption within the Democratic Party. Atheists and agnostics may not get along too well in this community. 

To raise healthy children and live a healthy lifestyle without any medical mandates whatsoever.

Just like in my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group, I have a zero tolerance policy for parent shaming and those who choose to do so will be booted from this community. Be careful with criticism, of any kind. Try to be helpful and understanding, even if someone else is having a meltdown. One of the major reasons for creating such a narrowly focused group is to reduce the amount of bashing and hostility I see in my main group. Do your best to be helpful and we will all get along!


  1. Click UPGRADE and upgrade to All Access membership which gives you access to the entire community, including Groups, Courses, Forums and Members so that you can fully interact with your tribe. The cost is $5/month.
  2. Click on Profile (in left side bar) and go through the steps to add your photo, a banner, a description of yourself, and the other pertinent information so others can get to know you. Also note that your membership info is here, which groups you belong to, and a bunch of other stuff all related to you.
  3. Join some social Groups. There is the main Group, Medical Freedom Patriots, 50 State Groups, and several specialty Groups including International, Qanon, Prayer, Democrat and Vaccine Free Parenting. If you are in the USA, join your state group to meet others in your geographical area. If you are a parent, consider joining the Vaccine Free Parenting Group.
  4. Groups have associated Forums. A Forum is used to ask questions. To give you an example, let’s say you are a parent. If you just birthed a baby, you may want to post that in a social group with some photos to let everyone know and others will then see your post in their feed. However, if you have a question for the members and want an answer or answers and want to track those answers, then posting that question in the Forum would be appropriate. You can even get email notifications when you get replies.
  5. Take a look at Courses. In here you will see The Vaccine Free Parenting Masterclass, a 12-part Masterclass created especially for parents who have questions about vaccines and raising a vaccine free child. The text version is nearly completed. The next phase is to create the accompanying expert video interviews and parent interviews. Take at your leisure. This course will be $199 on a different platform when completed, but you will have access to the full course here as long as you are a paying member.
  6. Invite your friends! Do you like what you see? Help grow the community and use the Email Invites option available in your Profile. You can customize the email that you send out.
  7. Make connections with other like-minded members, especially those in your local geographical area.
  8. WEB LINKS: Because this community is hosted on WordPress, meta data is NOT pulled into the platform from websites. So, when you post a link, that is all you will see: the link. If you want an image, grab a screen shot of the website and upload the image and then post the link – that will grab attention.
  9. Never stop learning. There is a Books tab that will take you to my Amazon bookstore where you can purchase my recommended books for further learning.

Larry Cook
[email protected]


Where We Go One We Go All

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  1. Larry, you have been an amazing source for good quality information! I wished that I would have known about the vaccine injuries years ago….because I definitely would have refused vaccinations for my daughter. She has had many health problems directly related to vaccines. I feel guilty that I didn’t know earlier. I hope you will have a section on this forum to talk about vaccine detox? Thank you!!!!

  2. Larry, can you make it an option for a one-time payment? I hope we don’t get hacked, but that is my concern with this group. Or better yet, can you set it up with the option of a monthly payment via Pay Pal. I will pay the extra fees incurred.

  3. Hi Larry; Thanks for setting this up, & for all you do. I’m glad to be a part of this. I also listen to a lot of your lives. They are great. I’m not sure where the best place to post this is. Perhaps I’ll do so in a couple of places. I’ve never participated in on line chats or social media platforms before. I’ve only communicated on line through my e-mail, so something like this, or facebook, feels a little confusing, just logistically, at the moment. I should probably also join facebook, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it; my impression of it has always been so negative, but I think you are correct; we all need to, although that window seems almost closed, as well. A roommate of mine just got banned from facebook for 3 days, just for posting the link to an article which was critical of Bill Gates. I just listened to a bit of NY Gov. Cuomo’s news conference today, Wednesday, 4/22/20. He’s announced a very aggressive, comprehensive testing program, coordinated between NY, NJ & CT. Former Mayor Bloomberg has been put in charge of coming up with the logistics of the plan. From what he said, it sounded like it is only a matter of a week or two before the plan begins to be implemented. Cuomo mentioned enlisting 10’s of thousands of medical students to help in the testing, which will be coordinated with the Johns Hopkins University Public Health Program. In what way it will be enforced, who knows. There are so many questions. Will they claim the right, under this medical martial law, to say you can’t go out if you are not tested; or that you can’t go back to work; or that you can’t take public transportation; will you be fined; can you be automatically quarantined? Will they be analyzing our DNA as part of this; is this test that sophisticated? If you show no antibodies, does that put you on a list for vaccination? Does it matter, since they have been saying that no one knows whether antibodies for this are protective against a subsequent season’s virus, anyway? I’m sure you are correct, that this is just way of setting up & organizing everybody to be tracked, to more easily & efficiently implement a vaccination campaign. How does one say NO, when the state knocks on the door, or when medicare calls & tells you you must show up for a test or lose your coverage? Is there another state to move to, or will every state, whether locked down or not [South Dakota], still participate in the national push to test everyone. Will state laws matter, given the declaration of a national health emergency, in terms of testing, tracking & vaccination decisions? And how does one just move from NY to South Dakota? Does someone in SD want to rent a place to someone they don’t know, who is coming from NY?! Do we have any vaccine aware, health freedom advocates there who could help someone move there; to find a place? And would making such a cataclysmic move end up being of any benefit? I think about leaving the country; Mexico, perhaps. I know the land border is closed, but I believe there are still flights. But once this testing gets going, I’m sure that avenue will be closed, without 1st being tested. I imagine that will be happening very soon, if the airlines have not already decided to do that. Then, once one leaves the country, it is possibly, most probably, forever. Friends, family, work; gone. And who knows how things will unfold in another country. Would it be a ‘frying pan into the fire” situation? So many questions; so little time; no answers at the moment; it’s crystal ball stuff. What I’m coming to, though, through writing this, is that if I do nothing & just stay here, the result looks inevitable. I do have social security & a modest pension, which could keep me afloat, were I to move, but where, & it would need to happen almost as quick as lightening. I only hope it will actually prove to be an advantage to do so. Has your research led you to target any particular place to move to? If you or anyone has any practical advice, I would be grateful. Thanks again. Gerry

    1. Gerry , the same questions have been going through my head. I have been doing some research on SD, too, as it is one of 8 states that did not issue ‘house arrests’, although they did close schools, gyms restaurants, bars, etc, (at least Rapid City did) , but are now opening up in a phased reopening, not as draconian as many other states. I live in CO in which the radical left have taken over the state, so am concerned how much more draconian it is going to get here, read that Denver and Aspen are now mandating wearing masks in public (no matter where you are in those cities), Pretty scary and unknown times.

      1. Which are the original states not to shut down. Mine (WA) was one of the first. I’m interested in what staes are good. Wish someone would compile all the information. Medical freedom, mask, tracking us and vaccine order set/in works or planned.

    2. You mention Mexico. It’s my understanding that this (the vaccine mandates) are a global agenda. I have not researched MX as far as what is going on right now, but if they are not in this pandemic now , it will soon come to them with same agenda. Just a thought.

    3. I also am afraid and have my doubts about our ability to do anything or be proactive in any way without losing everything we have and everyone we love.
      Being on disability and social security as our income makes is terrifying to think that my benefits could be dropped if I don’t accept their vaccine program. We are no longer free. When will the sheeple wake up? Or will they?

  4. Thank you for putting this together Larry! We need a grass roots movement to preserve freedom. I want to share with my like-minded colleagues far and wide.

  5. Thank you for providing us medical freedom advocates a place to ask questions, express concerns, and voice ideas.
    What I have been hearing in the alternative media is that once the corona virus vaccine comes out to the pubic, they will mandate it on all adults and children. For those who do not comply, you will not be admitted to anything public, such as shopping, gyms, restaurants, bars, pubic events, etc. in the ‘name of pubic safety’, so effectively they will social isolate you to bully you ‘to comply’. If the govt can close down businesses, churches and all social events in the name of ‘public safety’, they will do it for the vaccine mandate ‘in the name of public safety’. regardless of whether your state has exemptions for vaccines or not, although the push is there to drop the exemptions as well. How do we stop this ‘bullying’ tactic? What movements are there out there to deal with this vaccine mandate and bullying? This is a HUGE issue , medical tyranny if these vaccine monsters get their way. Who in leadership has the power and strategic leadership to stop this?

  6. I’m glad to be here and I’m reaching out to friends and family who might be interested in joining! Thank you.

  7. Larry, can you point me in the direction of which politicians and officials are still supporting freedom and how we can let them know that we will support them if they support us?
    The Dems get the attention because they are the most vocal – why can’t we become the most vocal group and let senators and governor’s know that we don’t stand for them if they will not stand for us?
    You seem to have a LOT of knowledge, I hope you have some more knowledge to share about what to do, because a good as it is to be able to educate myself and join like minded groups for moral support, it is essential that we join together with a voice not just a hug.
    I do believe in the power of prayer, but I don’t believe that we should just pray – God needs hands and mouths to do the work as well.

  8. Hi; I’m not sure where it would be best to post this; I’m currently living in NY, but looking to re-locate out of the state ASAP, as they’ve begun a very comprehensive testing, contacting, tracking program. I imagine NJ & CT will follow suit, since they & NY are coordinating their plans. MA is apparently doing something along these lines, as well, & the PA governor has also apparently been very authoratarian.

    I’m wondering whether NH or VT might be options? Does anyone have any information on how things are unfolding in those states? Otherwise, I must begin considering places out of the northeast entirely. South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, South Dakota….But of course, unless there is a groundswell of awareness & opposition generated in the country against HR 6666, the TRACE Act, this will be happening nationally & anyplace else will provide no more than a brief delay of the inevitable.

    I keep wondering whether there might be better places to go outside of the US. Even though this is a global agenda, are there some countries which are dealing with this more reasonably – aside from Sweden, to which it would probably not be possible to emigrate? I do wonder how Mexico is dealing with this.

    Is everyone, EVERYWHERE in the world as spooked by this virus as people are here? The worst feeling about this is that there appears to be no place to go,to live in the way one wishes. This is being unfolded in such a way as to leave one with no choice & no where to go. Suddenly, the entire world could just as well be one small box.

    I say a poll which reported that 19% of respondents said they would NOT receive a vaccine, should one come up. I wonder how many of those will remain firm if they are told they cannot get on a plane, cannot attend public events – or suppose they are not allowed to work at all?

    On the other hand, there were 26% more who were undecided. Only 55% clearly said they would take it. So our task is to somehow reach that 26%, censoring or not.

  9. Thank you Larry for what you do, open our eyes to things we may not know yet. I look forward to your group growing and would love to connect with those here who are from Washington state and more.

    To those new here please do use Larry’s new site to connect with me in groups set up. Find me here and connect with me. I’m curious what people’s plans are for tracing? How do you plan to respond? Sadly, I don’t have much of one yet. I’d love ideas. I’ve wiped most app and all I could off my cell phone, only to have updated anyway and found another place accidently in phone which used location. Great! I plan to not answer unknown cell calls and do not have VM. I will not answer the door to strangers. Do I sound a little worried? That is because they have stated a couple of times, if you cooperate, then all will be good. I feel it violated my rights. I do not want test, traced or vaccinated. I live in a two bedroom apartment and only have one bathroom. This has been mentioned as a flag to separate parent and child if one test positive, false positive or not. If I refuse test, I will be flagged as not cooperating and possibly positive. My son is on the spectrum and has gene that causes his body not to flush vaccines from his system. Lucky him, he has two of these genes. I’m in fear for him. I am not in fear of COVID 19, only in the state and rules. My son has inability to deal with stress and change. He would be traumatized, if taken from me like lady who recently had her newborn taken from her in Washington state at birth. He may then also be given a vaccine, so then he’d be traumatized and I’d likely I would loose him(meaning death alone). I want to come up with the best plan I can and pray on the rest. I pray but, still my son wakes up several times a night screaming. He has anxieties normally, but since COVID 19, they have gotten worse. I’d love to see how those with kids are making plans for tracing and school. I informed our school my son would not attend is masks were required. If anyone has one bathroom in home, I’d love to hear how you are dealing with treat of state taking your child. I have seen the governor’s COVID 19 web page and he say voluntary, but how is by threat voluntary. That by definition isn’t legal. Any lawyers in this group. I’d love to know what we should do. Often know how to use the law helps.

    Larry, I hope it is okay I wrote here. I’m not sure of correct place to post or ways to get responses. My hope is to get conversations flowing and hear what other are doing.
    I sure you take some hard hits, just like our president in trying to help us and other. I will be keeping you in my prayers and hope your web site will be the go to place to people who’s eyes are being opened now to the truth. It is so much to learn and you are a blessing to us. I plan to read your book, look at your courses and get my son’s and my health in a better place.
    Thank you again Larry, for what you do.